These paintings are for a small commercial exhibition where the subject of the

evening is change and preparing for it.

This group of images represents inevitable change. They include a group of well-known brands and items that, until recently were solid, dependable and seemingly immovable parts of our lives.

Each has their own story of demise and/or reinvention and I want the viewer to reflect on that aspect of life and how it affects their own piece of the world.

Being made redundant last year was both scary and a relief and forced me to consider calling time on a career that defined, not just my social status and income, but effectively who I was.

While he march of time is more apparent to the older generation, its effect is felt more acutely by the young who are, thankfully, better equipped to deal with it. Technology is changing the face of everyone’s world for both good and bad and perhaps it is well that, from time to time, we pause, reminisce, smile and then jump back in boots ‘n all…

I hope you enjoy the artwork and are able to relate.

Thank you

Peter Hinton