Vanessa, QLD Australia: You captured Frodo’s very special Soul…

Lyn, Castle Hill, NSW: The portrait captures Nufus’ worried face and eyes. He was such a special friend and Peter has captured the boy perfectly. Thank you Peter and Erica for being such good people.

Rexine, Glenbrook, NSW:  .. loved them! But like me, made him a bit sad because they’re so accurate. Pete’s very talented..

Allie, Sydney Australia: ..absolutely loved it ! You need to start supplying tissues with them! LOL! Lots of tears..

Jane, Sydney Australia: Hi Peter. The kids loved Indie’s portrait. Thanks so much!

Carol, Sydney, Australia:   Hi Peter, just letting you know, I gave my son the framed Red Panda painting on Christmas Day. He really loved it. Thanks again.”

Steve, Auckland, NZ:   Gil absolutely loves the painting she says you have captured the whole essence of Charlie’s character, well done.

Allie, Sydney Australia: Hi Peter, they cried absolute tears of joy. Loved it so much!

Roger, Ditton Kent, UK:   Peter, thank you so much for the picture of Jack, it is lovely. I am just looking about to see where the best place is to hang it.  I am so pleased with it.

Jason, Sydney, Australia:   As well as being a talented artist, Peter is an especially nice bloke. His paintings make an incredible gift that you’ll have for a life time.

Andrea & Bronte, Sydney Australia:  Thank you to our friend, the artist Peter Hinton, for capturing all our piggies, past and present! We are so happy with it.

Maree, Sydney, Australia: Peter, my son just said “That’s crazy, it looks just like her.” He’s thrilled, thank you so much.